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  2. Rachel Stanley (b.1996, Epsom, UK) is a painter living and working in Edinburgh. Her practice is concerned with ideas of safety and sanctuary, and with nature as a powerful tool for healing. For Rachel, the act of painting is a method in which to understand feelings of anxiety and sensory overload, and to explore questions without a need for answers. Her paintings play with the possibilities between abstraction and figuration, and the blurriness of such binaries. They also explore states of surface through their mark-making, oscillating between flatness and three-dimensionality. As a result, the works are ambiguous, transient and untraceable - in the process of slowly forming something else. In her practice, the impermanence and imperfection of nature offers continual inspiration, as well as the body itself which is explored through studies of wombs, veins and cells.

  3. 2014-17 BA, Goldsmiths, University of London

    2021-22 MA, Edinburgh College of Art

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